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Engagement in Health Care 

Technology Use in Health Care 


Meeting Patients Where They Are

Research demonstrates that actively engaging patients and their families in the care process can significantly improve health care outcomes. Yet clinicians and care managers lack consistent insight into factors that can influence a person’s capacity to engage in their care.

To meet the need for a valid and reliable instrument to measure this capacity, O’Neil Center researchers developed the patent-pending Person Engagement Index™ (PEI), which was tested and validated with hundreds of patients in a multi-site study across four health care systems in the U.S. 

Want to take a closer look?

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The PEI captures the voice of patients to provide a unique understanding of their ability to be engaged in their care. The tool uses an 18-question survey to assess four domains in subscales: 

Capturing the Patient Voice with PEI

Proactive Approach to Health Care 


Psychosocial Support for Health Care


The PEI measures each of these engagement factors and provides a “score” for a patient. Paired with clinical assessment information, the PEI allows for actionable, evidence-based practices to meet each individual’s needs and deliver benefits to patients and providers across the continuum of care.

Who Benefits from Using PEI?





  • Communicate needs, wants and preferences with care team
  • Develop mutual understanding of capacity to be engaged
  • Receive more personalized care based on unique needs and goals
  • Identify how best to engage and educate patients
  • Provide clinicians with interventions aligned with PEI scores
  • Better allocate clinicians' time to patients with greater needs
  • Improve risk stratification with PEI variables
  • Better allocate limited resources to maximize impact
  • Deploy strategies to customize care plans
  • Improve perceptions of care to drive positive outcomes and loyalty
  • Create a personalized memorable experience for every patient
  • Drive programs around patient and family communications

I hope to connect with you soon to share more – please leave your contact information below to learn how you can use the PEI to empower your patients, families and care teams.


Karen Drenkard, Ph.D., RN, NEA-BC, FAAN

Clinicians often see hundreds of patients and have only a few minutes per patient to determine their capacity to be engaged in their care journey. There has long been a need for a way to help them accurately assess a person’s aptitude for engaging in their own health care.

After two years of extensive research and a multi-site study, we are thrilled to introduce the PEI, a psychometrically valid instrument to deliver a comprehensive measure of a person’s capacity to be engaged.

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