Digital rounding improves patient satisfaction scores


Due to its manual process, Carroll Hospital's nurse leader rounding program suffered from rounds that took too long to complete. Workflow was further hindered by labor-intensive inputting and review of data.

Solution and Approach

In February 2017, Carroll Hospital went live with GetWell Rounds+™, a digital nurse rounding solution that allows rounds to be conducted on a tablet at the patient’s bedside. Nurses can also access GetWell Rounds+ from any mobile or desktop device or patient kiosk in the hospital.

The use cases for the rounding solution include checklists, audits, surveys, reporting, trending and benchmarking. GetWell Rounds+ can also be used to send real-time text and email alerts to relevant care teams on each unit for improved service recovery. Additionally, the solution is being used as a management tool for clinical supervisors to review in an effort to monitor rounds, looking at data during particular shifts and comparing the success to metrics from other units.


Overall Rating of the Hospital


Doctors treated patients with courtesy/respect


Ease of communication with nurses


All digital rounding has also been integrated directly into Carroll Hospital’s electronic health record (EHR) system, allowing for immediate data entry. With rounding data that is always up-to-date, clinical teams can now monitor patients in real-time, prioritizing patient needs for improved care.

To further improve the experience and quality of care, Carroll Hospital developed standard nurse leader rounding questions to obtain patient and family feedback. The results are used for the development and implementation of improvements to patient care and other hospital services.

GetWell Rounds+™ has done more than improve nurse rounding at Carroll Hospital. It has given us the tools needed to genuinely improve the way patient and family feedback is gathered. As a result, the solution has helped improve our patients’ experience and perception of their care during their stay at Carroll Hospital.”

—Stephanie Reid, RN, BSN, MBA, MHA, Chief Nursing Officer and VP of Patient Care Services, Carroll Hospital, a LifeBridge Health center

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