Engaging inactive patients through personalized outreach

Re-engaging patients who have missed routine wellness appointments or who have long gaps in care is a challenge for any healthcare organization. Recognizing a need to reach a significant portion of its patient population that had become inactive, Adventist Health partnered with Get Well to design a digital-first patient outreach program. By digitally targeting adults who had not had a routine wellness appointment in the past 18-24 months, the program aligns with Adventist Health’s 2030 vision to provide a world-class digital experience.

In this case study, learn:

  • How community-based virtual navigators add a human element to a premier digital experience while helping to address historical mistrust and cultural barriers to care
  • Best practices for reaching inactive patients to schedule new wellness visits and follow-up visits and how that led to substantial reclaimed revenue for Adventist Health
  • What tangible results Adventist Health has seen and how it intends to scale the program to further improve patient engagement and revenue

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