Promoting medication compliance through Interactive Patient Care™ (IPC)

Having prescriptions filled and picked up prior to discharge helps patients and their families better understand and comply with new medications. Clinicians at Nationwide Children’s use GetWellNetwork to send prompts to the bedside TV to ask families if they would like to have their new medications filled at the hospital’s on-site pharmacy (prompts run up to three times a day; families can opt in or out).

Since implementing this service in Q2 2014 the facility has generated $2,509,489 in retail pharmacy revenue through Q2 2016.*



in retail pharmacy revenue


Using prescription prompts through GetWellNetwork at the bedside, Nationwide Children’s Hospital has
generated $2,509,489 in retail pharmacy revenue over a two year period.

The initiative’s success has grown over time, from $147k generated in Q2 2014 to $316k generated in Q2 2016 – an increase of nearly $170k per quarter.*


*Dollar amounts based on multiplying average discharge prescription charge ($139.13) by 2
(average number of discharge prescriptions per patient) = $278.26. Then, multiply $278.26
by number of “YES – DID FILL” responses = Total Revenue

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