Building the patient room of the future, today

In this three-part series, GetWellNetwork chief technology officer Robin Cavanaugh explores bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds in next-generation patient environments.


PART 1: Enhancing the Hospital Experience

What does building a smart room that streamlines and improves the experience for patients, families and clinicians entail? 

  • Inside the patient room of the future
  • Unifying the interoperable ecosystem
  • Leaping into the future with Kaiser Permanente & Medical University of South Carolina

PART 2: Bringing a Smart Room to Life

What do patients need experientially, not just clinically, to get better? 

  • Behind the scenes at Medical University of South Carolina’s (MUSC) new children’s hospital
  • Converging interoperability with human-centered design principles
  • Insider insight into MUSC's planning process, vendor roster and technology lineup

PART 3: Building for Humans

What does it mean to “digitize” health care from a human-centered perspective?

  • Role of physical space design as an element of care
  • Restoring a sense of control to patients through healing environments
  • Positioning digital patient experiences to transform care delivery

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