Improve sepsis rates and nurse efficiency using real-time data


Nurses were spending a significant amount of time collecting quality data manually. It would take days or weeks to run reports to reap insights to improve care. Leadership recognized the hospital needed a more seamless approach to collect concurrent data on core quality measures. They needed a solution that would enable real-time alerts to issues with the data, and easy access to insights to continuously improve care.



The hospital decided to take a systems and process approach to early recognition of sepsis. Utilizing a system that allows for real-time data collection and analysis improves quality reporting and patient outcomes and drives education and improvement. Led by quality leaders, the hospital evaluated six potential solutions to identify the best one to suit its most urgent needs: web-based, ease of usability, integration with AllScripts EMR, and superior customer service. The hospital chose GetWell Rounds+ because it scored high on these key attributes—and because of the clinical experience of the GetWellNetwork team.



LOWER SEPSIS MORTALITY RATE Than nationally (14% nationally vs hospital’s 10%)


RAW POINT INCREASE In sepsis compliance rates (34.2% to 45.1% yearly)


Saved by early recognition of sepsis in the ED, CCU and MS units

While GetWell Rounds+ is typically used as a rounding tool, the hospital deployed the solution in a unique way: to capture quality survey data so it could be easily accessed, in real time, whenever it is needed for quality improvement projects or for regulatory reporting and audits.

For instance, the hospital used GetWell Rounds+ to concurrently track core measures against national benchmarks and provide real-time information to key leadership.

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A community-owned health care system in Central California sees nearly 70,000 patients per year. The 60-bed acute care facility is recognized as a leader in providing coordinated, high-quality care in a healing environment.

We value the community that we serve and we strive for excellence in all that we do, especially with patient safety. Having a central location where our data can be stored allows for immediate flow of information from one department to another. This immediate flow provides opportunities to effectively enhance communication on all units to generate positive outcomes for our patients and their families.”

Quality Improvement Nurse