Wake Forest Baptist Health System improves nurse rounding and employee satisfaction


Paper-and-pen rounding procedures at WFBH were slow and arduous for nurses at what is already a busy hospital. Further, it was difficult to collect and analyze data that could be used to measure the effectiveness of patient care improvements and other best practice initiatives.

Additionally, WFBH was looking for a more efficient way to meet the goals of its Nursing Strategic Plan, which required nursing staff be rounded on at least once a quarter to monitor employee concerns and issues in the care environment.



WFBH recognized the need to standardize nurse rounding and move to a digital solution to increase the quality of rounds and free up time for clinicians to care for patients. Before using GetWell Rounds+, WFBH tested other employee/patient survey and rounding solutions. The tool stood out because it allowed clinicians to do more than conduct more efficient rounds; it allowed rounding data to be analyzed to improve care delivery and the patient experience.



Average Utilization


First-Year Increase


Of Nurses Use Regularly

WFBH also made the decision to use GetWell Rounds+ to survey and round on its own employees to increase employee engagement. GetWellNetwork worked with WFBH to customize the tool to include an “employee” tab. This allowed WFBH leaders to perform targeted rounds on their nurses and clinicians to gain input and to quickly assess their engagement. With the rollout of a new technology, employee feedback was vital to ensuring any obstacles and barriers clinicians ran into could be quickly remedied.

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Wake Forest Baptist Health (WFBH) is an integrated system that operates 1,004 acute care, rehabilitation and psychiatric care beds, outpatient services, and community health and information centers. On an annual basis, the health system cares for more than 382,000 patients.


GetWell Rounds+ is changing the way we engage our patients and employees at Wake Forest Baptist Health. We now have a meaningful way to track and measure our success with patient and employee rounding, and to react nimbly as obstacles and opportunities present themselves.” 
Cathleen Wheatley, Chief Nursing Executive, Wake Forest Baptist Health