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Introduction to Get Well’s monkeypox symptom monitoring tool

For hospitals and health systems looking to manage patients or employees who have been diagnosed or exposed to monkeypox and prevent the spread of disease, our digital care management solution, GetWell Loop, can help. Get Well’s monkeypox symptom monitoring tool enables hospitals to track active and suspected exposures to the virus, while identifying readiness to return to work.

View this introductory video on Get Well’s 21-day monkeypox care plan, featuring LouAnn Bala, Get Well’s Vice President of Clinical Content and Programs. In the video, you will:

  • Learn how GetWell Loop can help digitally scale clinical resources during under-resourced times and quickly implement care plans
  • Understand what content is shared with patients in a GetWell Loop monkeypox care plan, and how it was created with the help of LifeBridge Health, an early adopter
  • Find out how clinicians can use this digital access point to stay connected while guiding patients and their families

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