How Cerner organizations win with digital health

The new normal of hybrid care

In the early days of the pandemic, health systems were essentially forced to deploy any and all forms of digital health technology overnight. The ensuing adoption of these technologies opened the eyes of providers, payers and patients alike to the fact that digital health solutions can help deliver care more efficiently and at scale. 

Looking to the future, healthcare leaders expect to deliver care in a hybrid fashion, blending physical interactions with the benefits of digital care. 

So how are organizations thinking about leveraging digital health technology to win loyalty and improve outcomes in a new hybrid care environment?  


In this webinar we will:

  • Hear from LifeBridge Health about their multi-layered approach to COVID-19 management, including a seamless virtual patient transition process and strategy for maximizing reimbursement for virtual care.
  • Explore practical tactics from our client community for operationalizing technology and centralizing delivery teams quickly to manage COVID-19 outbreaks at scale. 
  • Look at key takeaways from the pandemic response effort and what they mean for the future virtualization of healthcare and the operation of a hybrid (physical and virtual) care delivery model. 
  • Share a sneak peek at our new cross-continuum mobile platform, video conferencing solution and Cerner integrations launching in early 2021.


Tressa Springmann
Tressa Springmann
Senior Vice President/CIO, Enterprise IT and Process Improvement, LifeBridge Health
Candice Chan
Candice Chan
Vice President, Strategy, GetWellNetwork
Whitney Akers
Whitney Akers
Sr. Director, Strategy, GetWellNetwork

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