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Unlocking Consumer Digital Health: How Health Systems Can Rethink Patient Engagement to Improve Outcomes and Experience

In this webinar, learn how OSF HealthCare developed a digital healthcare model to improve clinical outcomes and deliver a better patient and care team experience.

Listen in as Brandi Clark, Vice President of Digital Care at OSF OnCall, Kara Roat, Digital Patient Care Manager at OSF OnCall, Megan Mancini, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Get Well, and Michael O’Neil, Founder and CEO of Get Well, discuss how OSF is unlocking consumer digital health and providing better care and improved outcomes. During this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to drive core business outcomes like revenue, cost efficiency, and improved clinical outcomes
  • Best practices for delivering digital intimacy at scale — meeting the expectations of patients as healthcare consumers, while also supporting care teams
  • How OSF is unlocking the power of patient engagement technology to expand care team impact, and drive better clinical outcomes

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